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Free Flow Products - Air Deflectors

The shade, blind and curtain deflector
for window air conditioners and
commercial PTAC units in Hotels, Motels & Inns.

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  Free Flow Products solve the following problems:

Free Flow products cut energy costs and deflect air flow to where you need it most... into the room.

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Free Flow I: Air Deflector

for PTAC, Heating & A/C Units
in Hotels, Motels & Inns

The Free Flow I

The Free Flow I is for Commercial PTAC units used in Hotels, Motels & Inns for Heating & Air Conditioning. Free Flow I stops the Heat or Cold from being trapped between the window and the curtain, saving you Money.

Free Flow I details...

Free Flow II:

Air Deflector for
Window Air Conditioners

The Free Flow II

The Free Flow II is the product to use in Portable Window Air Conditioners, just install it between the window sill and the AC Unit, drop your blind or shade on it and no more chatter or light coming into your room.

Free Flow II details...

Free Flow III

Air Deflector for
Base Board Vents

The Free Flow III

The Free Flow III is for Base Board Heating & Air Conditioner Duct Vents. The Free Flow III forces the air to flow directly into the center of the room and NOT up between the window and the window treatment.

Free Flow III details...

The Free Flow Products do their job. They work, they decrease your energy costs, they blend in, and allow you to get a good night's sleep and again SAVE you $$$$$$.


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