PTAC Air Deflector
on sale for $12 each (regular price $14)

Free Flow I - Air Deflector for Commercial PTAC, Heating
& Air Conditioning Units in Hotels, Motels & Inns

Heating Air Conditioning unit without FreeFlow I
Heating/AC unit without FreeFlow I
Heating/Air Conditioning unit with FreeFlow I
Heating A/C unit with FreeFlow I
PTAC Heating A/C unit with FreeFlow I in use
Heat/AC unit with FreeFlow I in use

The features of the Free Flow I:

  • Attaches in minutes through pre-drilled holes (screws required)
  • Is made of the finest plastic composite
  • Allows for curtains to be fully closed
  • Strong and scratch resistant with radiused edges
  • Extremely flexible, and blends with any d├ęcor
  • Size is 30" X 6" X 1" X 1/16" thick and can be tailored.

The benefits of the Free Flow I:

  • Cuts energy costs by 3-5%
  • Increases Room Air Flow
  • Increases unit efficiency
  • Decreases customer changes in the room temperature
  • Payback is in the first month of use
  • Almost invisible to the naked eye
FreeFlow I in action


Free Flow I
Air Deflector for PTAC

Only $12 each
(regular price $14)
Sold in lots of 10, 25 or 50.


10-pack:    $ 120.00*   
25-pack:    $ 300.00*   
50-pack:    $ 600.00*   
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  • $60 shipping each 25 pack
  • $90 shipping each 50 pack

Free Flow I - Air Deflector for Commercial PTAC, Heating & A/C Units in Hotels, Motels & Inns

With costs rising, you the management of Hotels, Motels and Inns are continuously looking for creative products that can contribute to controlling COSTS. One of your largest costs is energy and one area that can produce a positive return is the Free Flow I used on each PTAC Heating/AC unit. If you have a curtain that falls over the PTAC Heat/AC Vent and causes a portion of the air flow to be deflected between the window and the curtain then you have an energy loss and the Free Flow I is the solution to that problem. This back and forth motion disrupts the air flow to the room and causes the PTAC Heating/Air Conditioning Unit to remain on longer and cycle more frequently than required. They sometimes cause the occupants of the room to increase/decrease temperature to compensate for that loss. That spells INCREASED Energy costs for the Hotel, Motel or Inn and energy is usually a Budget Buster for them. When you multiply that by the number of units you manage, the Energy Expense increases exponentially.